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Virtual Reality Dating


Automatic Hands-Free Smart Garment Steamer


Covering all drone videos around the world.


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Lawyer Membership Services


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Validate your Startup

This is an innovation service, designed for people that wants to create the next successful startup.

Product Development

We help identify useful & realistic choices of technology for your product. We know about Design, reliability, security and certification.

Website Services

Everything you need to create your stunning website with a Startup budget price.

Here Is Our Story

  • We are driven by our passion for creation of new innovative startups.
  • Tailor-Made is a boutique that helps startups generate rapid growth during their early stage and beyond. We are savvy entrepreneurs with one mission – To drive unprecedented growth.
  • With Tailor-Made you will start validating your new idea, build your team, develop & launch your product, and accelerate your startup to a place where it makes sense for VC’s & Angel Investors to raise capital.
  • Tailor-Made Startups is about connecting people, networks and ideas, bringing together global innovators and investors, strategists, and influential decision-makers from leading institutions across the globe.
  • With over 14 years of experience in creating & branding small business and startups, we deliver turnkey Tailor-Made solutions to new startups worldwide
  • We are transparent & versatile. Our motto is “assume ownership” for each one of our startup clients.
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